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June 22, 2014
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January 27, 2013
LA INVASION 2/20/2013


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12:46 am
December 9, 2012
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House Of Two Oceans

Brand new song, “House of Two Oceans”. Bringing the mutant new beat funk. (Already have in mind a rather oddball music video in mind for it)

Tags: vandalaze house of two oceans indie EBM new wave minimal wave industrial

8:37 pm
November 12, 2012
ݤݨ¥ DREAMOREX « Album Coming Soon! ¥ݜݒ

Finally finished the cover for my debut Vandalaze album, which shall be digitally released on the world wide web information super highway before year’s end:)

For anyone who has a love of Japanese import shooters, 80’s EBM, 90’s techno, virtual reality, cyberpunk, or weird pop music you may just have your soundtrack. I’ll start posting preview tracks, music videos, associated visuals and the release date soon.

Tags: vandalaze dreamorex 80's EBM classic EBM 90's techno virtual reality 90's cgi cyberpunk sega saturn japanese sega saturn japansese shmups